Solomon Richberg (Owner) of Elite Life Changers: Solomon was an Offensive Guard at the University at Buffalo football team. He played with athletes such as James Starks and Khalil Mack who are currently in the NFL. Solomon graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors in Psychology. In 2014 he received his Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College.

In 2016, Solomon started Elite Sports Counseling for athletes. Solomon was a life coach specifically for athletes who are struggling accomplishing their goals outside their sport. Solomon is currently working with athletes from all over the country, helping them overcome obstacles and with life skills after the sport. However, Solomon realized that this technique are beneficial for everyone, besides college and professional athletes. So, now his goals are to help anyone that want to reach their elite potential


We are a life coaching and mentoring practice that provides hands on coaching for teens and adults that is having difficulty struggling to the next stage of their lives

  • Mentor Program For Teens: We help with teenagers that needs guidance with their life and reaching their goals.
  • High School & College Coaching:  Deciding what college or career is very difficult. I empathize with it because I had to overcome both issues when I was in high school and college.
  • Sports Life Coaching: We help with athletes on decision making after the high school, college, and professional sports. Moving on from a sport is one of the hardest decisions in any athlete’s life and we are here to support the athlete on decisions after the sport and how to cope with the change
  • MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: We have speakers that share their expertise for a larger audience. We speak about our life story and ways to overcome issues in life. Whether the topic is for career issues, deciding for colleges, depression, anxiety, or any other issue. We speak at colleges, churches, high schools, business events, etc