Solomon Richberg Owner of Elite Life Changers: Solomon was an Offensive Guard at the University at Buffalo football team. He played with athletes such as James Starks and Khalil Mack who are currently in the NFL. Solomon graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors in Psychology. In 2014 he received his Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College.

In 2016, Solomon started Elite Sports Counseling for athletes. Solomon was a life coach specifically for athletes who are struggling accomplishing their goals outside their sport. Solomon is currently working with athletes from all over the country, helping them overcome obstacles and with life skills after the sport. However, Solomon realized that this technique are beneficial for everyone, besides college and professional athletes. So, now his goals are to help anyone that want to reach their elite potential

Solomon also helps children and teens as a crisis counselor. He intervenes children who are at their worst situation in their lives. He provides hope for those clients to reach their potential, but most importantly let them be able to heroes in their lives instead of victims. Over the years, Solomon notice that his help with people in crisis is due to how he communicate with them. The tonality, speed, and the specific words he use can ease clients and have becoming less resistant and more accepting in services.

The techniques Solomon use has help individuals and now businesses. Communication is an important piece in business to keep clients happy and have them keep coming back to them. The techniques in NLP can be used for managers that want to continue keeping staff happy and prevent burnout, so employee do not quit and prevent that burden on businesses that have spend hundreds of dollars on finding new employees.

Solomon is a passionate public speaker that can visualize what the audience look for when it comes trainings and corporate speeches. The skills can be thought for businesses that making presentations for new proposals, funding, and new clients.

Below are a list of certifications


Currently Solomon is working with people from all different backgrounds. Whether it is a business that have issues with growing or if it is a person that needs empowerment, NLP coaching is an approach that applies to all areas.


We are a NLP coaching practice that provides hands on coaching for teens and adults that is having difficulty struggling to the next stage of their lives

  • Video Content for businesses: Need video content on your business? I help businesses provide video content on their websites and their social media sites. It is the most effective way to capture your audience if it is done correctly. I will help with communicating your audience that you are the elite professional in your area of expertise.  
  • NLP Coaching: Are you stuck in your life path and do not know how to get out? Neural-linguistic programming adjust peoples perception with their life to the life they imagine. The goal is to empower the client to their elite status and then progress with their lives. NLP does not require several months or years to reach your potential compare to therapy. It is hands on, short time, and the rest is left to the client.
  • NLP Communication Coaching for Business:  Is your business going through a growth phase? Or maybe there is an internal struggle within the company? Or maybe you as the business owner have issues with confidence. NLP training can focus on those issues, so companies can increase their sales and overall health of the company. Communication coaching can help focus in on the different communication styles and why it is important to tune in on your client’s problems, and also the inner problems with the business owner to be the best.
  • *** All of the services provided are not mental health, psychiatric, or therapy services. We do not provide legal advice, medical advice, or any advice that is outside the realm of life coaching or mentoring.




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