Power of Meditation

One of the oldest form of mental stability is less of a priority in the year 2018. There are multiple websites and articles that explained the importance of exercising, dieting, or even find therapist, but do not explain if that is even necessary. The most important activity to be aware of, is the lack of meditation time with one self.

Does this mean that you need to join a church, synagogue, or a mosque? No, not at all. If anything, it is the opposite. Religion and spirituality are very different because one is based on organization and the other is based on one’s self meaning and purpose in life. People can find spirituality in a religious affiliation, but on must have a sole purpose on developing one self to get the spiritual experience.

As a counselor and mentor, I deal with multiple clients that feel lost in life. They put huge goals like losing weight, but have not make any goals for their spiritual growth. It is important for me to understand client’s goals, but if their spiritual life is imbalance then it would be more difficult to overcome mental health issues. I had clients that dealt with suicide ideation and made attempts. The one thing that help most of those clients were there spiritual beliefs. It can be helpful in times of crisis and it can open the mind to find solutions rather than problems. Many atheists I have encountered meditate because it helps them mentally and emotionally. Atheists belief that meditation is a without a religious influence. So, mediation can be use in a global aspect in life.

Before any goal can be established, meditation is very important for overall health. I meditate through prayer every morning before I start the day. The reason for it is to start the day on positive note and to deter negative thoughts. In cognitive behavioral theory, cognitions (thoughts) can determine our behaviors. Meditation is a great way to help alleviate negative thoughts and bring a more positive outlook on your day.


Solomon Richberg: MSW, Life Coach and Mentor

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