Overcoming Physical and Emotional Injuries Featuring Terrell Jackson

Solomon interviews one of his old teammates from the University at Buffalo. They looked back at the 2008 University at Buffalo championship football team and talked about the up’s and downs of playing college football. They spoke about having to not be starters in college and learning to humbled themselves for the bigger picture in life. Terrell Jackson spoke about his upbringing growing up in Texas and always had to be team leader in high school. He also spoke about taking the challenge to go to an University that was 24 hours away from where he lived. Terrell spoke about going to a New York school when he had the opportunity to go to multiple schools in Texas. Terrell had to learn to humbled himself as not being a starter and push harder to earn the starting spot.
Later, Terrell earned the role as the kick return for the UB team and broke records in the senior year at the University at Buffalo. The idea of Terrell going into the National Football League (NFL) seem more realistic, when NFL agents called him for tryouts. When he played his 5th game against Temple, he was hit and realize the hit was not normal. At that moment, he could not feel his legs and he was rushed to hospital. The doctors found nerve damaged in his spine. He had a successful surgery to fix the damaged, but that was his last football game he played.
Life after football was not easy for Terrell. He went back to Texas and he remembered people looking at him as a “Has been”. He remembers feeling hurt and not being able to fulfill the goals he wanted to have as a football player. He spoke to his father about the issues he was dealing with and his father gave him words of encouragement. The advise from his father build his confidence and helped him start his business OMSSO. It became a success and a popular brand in Texas. Terrell Jackson’s story is a story that many college and high school athletes face. The feeling of not fulfilling the goal of going to the NFL. It is a goal that Solomon Richberg had and empathized with Terrell’s struggle after football. The inner strength that Terrell gather from leaving football made him the businessman he is today.

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