Heart Of A Champion: When Things Get Tough Just Keep Pushing Featuring Bryant McKinnie

Social Sports Chat released their latest episode featuring retired NFL pro bowl left tackle Bryant McKinnie, who played on multiple teams in the NFL and played for the 2001 University at Miami team that won the national championship in 2002. Solomon spoke to him about what it means to have a heart of a champion. The topic was inspired from a song from the musician Nelly, that was named Heart of a Champion. The song spoke about pushing to the end and never giving up. The conversation between Bryant McKenzie and Solomon Richberg was just about that issue. The issue on how to overcome those obstacles when it gets tough. Bryant spoke about the difficulty of reaching those goals, but the breaking point to a goal is usually the toughest and that is when people need to push more to reach it.
Solomon also spoke to Bryant about how he started football and how he did not start playing until high school because he was too big for his age to play. Solomon also empathized those struggles because he also faced the same issue. They spoke about Bryant winning the Super Bowl and what it was like play in the Super Bowl. Bryant explains how amazing it was and it is the reason why people play football is to go to the Super Bowl.
Solomon wrapped up the interview with the multiple charities and amazing things that Bryant McKinnie do for the community. They spoke about the charity he does to help single mothers in Miami and helping teens with good grades to pay for their proms. Solomon was amazed with the multiple projects he does within the community and stops pursuing his goals and that is beyond football today. The heart of a champion drive is something that cannot be taken away from him and he never quits pursing his goals in life.

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