Entitlement Featuring Coach Scott Pilkey from Erie Community College

The topic on entitlement was based on the conversation from Solomon Richberg and Coach Pilkey a few weeks prior the podcast. They had a 30 minute discussion about the issue and why this should be talked about more. Entitlement have been used more often in sports today then a generation or two ago. It goes into the discussion on how athletes today are entitled due to the fast pace technology of today. However, that is not the case. Technology is helping the world and the millennials are not the issue. It is actually, the previous generations that cause the issue with entitlement. Generation X and Baby Boomers caused the tension with millennials. However, people may look into the discussion, it is a serious topic that needs to be resolved.
Coach Pilkey speaks about some athletes he dealt with and how they have a belief that they deserve to start on a team and he has to figure out a way to make it happen. However, it is a dangerous belief that the coach can always make these ideas and some millennials need to understand that they cannot get everything they want in life. Just like in the work force, the belief that getting a job or advancing in a career is something that is automatically provided, but in reality it is not. Technology today make life much more accessible and easy, but some people may think that is the way of life. Regardless or the belief that millennials that think this way, the other generations may think this way too. The internet and social media make things very accessible, but it can make people forget about basic communication.
The whole issue on entitlement is a belief, but it does not represent millennials as a whole. Society needs to stop putting names with people and start the conversation with the different generations, instead of believing a false myth.

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