Leadership On And Off The Field Featuring Ron Hilaire

Leadership as an athlete is never an easy thing to do, especially when there are 100 other players on a college football. Ronald Hilaire was the captain for the University at Buffalo and was on the 2008 MAC championship team that defeated an 12-0 Ball State team. 9 years later, he is the head coach for McGill University in Canada. He spoke about what it was like to be a leader for a college team and the differences between leaders. We spoke about leaders that can rally up a team and leaders that lead by example. Solomon ask Hilaire about college sports in Canada and what was the difference between Canadian football and United States football.
Leadership is something that is within a person, but it can be developed. Solomon and Ron spoke about the importance of having a leader that lead on the field on off the field. This is why when Ron Hilaire speaks to his student athletes at McGill, he want them to understand that leadership is something that can be translated when they leave the university. Good leadership in at work, in school, and in a marriage is vital for success.
Throughout the discussion they reminiscence about the leaders on the 2008 team and how incredible it was to win the MAC championship despite grave odds against them. They spoke about how teammates like Jeff Niedermier, Drew Willy, James Starks, Mike Newton, and many other teammates that played a huge role on the team. They spoke about how coach Turner Gill brought a culture of believing in teammates, but believing in themselves as human beings. The culture of leadership started with the head coach and Ron Hilaire learned those traits from coach Gill as a head coach for a team tier Canadian football team. McGill is one of the best universities in Canada and the top 30 schools in the world.

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