The Buss Family Dynamic

The Los Angles Lakers are consider one of the most well known sport franchise in the world. Elite players such as Kareem Abdul Jabar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Byrant, and Shaquille O’Neal are some of the popular stars from the Lakers. However, every organization have a great owner. Dr. Jerry Buss is consider on of the all time great owners of the NBA and with multiple championships to show. Jerry Buss also did not run the show alone. He allowed his children in his later years to help the Staple Center. The organization was divided up for the children to lead certain areas of the dynasty. One would help with the WNBA team, one would take care of the soccer team. However, the one time that Dr. Jerry Buss focused on was the L.A Lakers. When Dr. Jerry Buss died in 2013, the Los Angles Lakers organization was divided within all 6 children of Jerry Buss. It appeared that the family dynamic had a change into the wrong direction. The Lakers is currently in the rebuilding stage of the organization and their have been changes on leadership with the organization. Jeanie Buss is the controlling owner of the Lakers and she recently fired Jim Buss who is the oldest brother of the family and it appeared that the Lakers are taking a direction in the organization.

Family dynamics are often interesting in sports. It can force families to make very difficult decisions that are not easy for a fan or any third person to see or understand.

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